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  • 1995

    Haijia company was established to produce the parts o fwater jet looms.
  • 2001

    On April 23,2001, Haijia Machinery Co.,Ltd.was established in Qingdaoto explore waterjet loom;
    Shengze Office in Wujiang city,jiangsu province was formally established on May18;
    The 100 th water jet loom offline in June.
  • 2002

    Sales volume broke through 600 sets.
  • 2003

    Sales volume broke through 5000 sets.
  • 2004

    Sales volume broke through 5500 sets,total amount
  • 2005

    International trade department was founded,the machine was exported to Pakistan. Turkey. Syria. Vietnam ...Through ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in July.
  • 2006

    On may 6,the 20000 th water jet loom offine on,sale amout broke through 20000 sets.
  • 2007

    In Sep,2007,sales volume broke,through 25000th
  • 2009

    The 30000 th machine offline on January 6,2009.Reseach and development department was founded on February 10, entered the stage of self-developed high-tech products.
  • 2011

    In 2011,Purchase 120,000 square meters land on November 19 at the west coast of Qingdao Economic Area, step into the high-tech industry development planning stage.
  • 2012

    In 2012,Become China Textile Machinery Assoaation unit;
    Independent design and development of the first air-jet looms offline on June 1;
    Was named in rou by China Textile Machinery star in the Shanghai Intemational Textile Machinery Exhibition on June 12
    Nantong Office was formally established on August 7;
    Become national high-tech enterprise in October;
  • 2013

    2013 is a year that company reorganization,reengineering.By the way of going out and bringing,the full implementation of lean production & 6s managed to get a qualitative I processes,and information technolog yares.
  • 2014

    In February; waterjet loom installation workshop, airjet loom installation workshop menged into assembly depa rtment, successffilly integrated of resources, after integrated,production efficency, quality level has been a qualitative improvement than before,employees are more passionate,income increase 20% or more than before.
    In March, Haijia is make cooperation with "foreign management" of China's three major management and professional publications,join exeartive director units,to do longterm consulting and personnel exchanges ,in order to lay the foundation of fvrther enhance corporate visibility and management to .
    In May, organization and through the 9001quality system and 14001 environmental management system certrfication.
    October, successfully passed the acceptance of clean production enterprises in Qingdao.
  • 2015

    In August, held in Suzhou,Jiangsu successfvlly weaving branch of China Textile Machinery Association, Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. was elected the first president of the unrt.
    In September, Haijia staff to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory of anti-Japanese activities
    ln October HJ410D double cloth independent research , and highly recognized by customers
    In November haijia was rated the Qingdao Municipal Enterprise Technology Center
    In December Hajia brand waterjet loom, air-jet looms was rated as brand-name products in Qingdao City. This year Haijia soft power, hard power have been fully upgraded year, but also haijia cultural promote year and brand development year.
  • 2016

    In March successfully recorded "ingenuity Haia" Development documentary to give public concem.
    In May "Haia" trade mark get Qingdao Famous Brand.
    In July in the case of the market into the off-season, the frst half year Haija production sales breakthrough 35000 sets,to arecord high!
    In August obtain Qingdao B-level security production unit.