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Haassembly Workshops
The company uses the whole machine assembly line, through the strict quality management,fine differentiation assembly process flow,with the profession at tool set toraue boaes and muscles isaconnection, optimizes product's quality control through whole assembly line's technic,we have the strict requirements about production facility's stability,cost efficiency and quality to ensure whole machine's assembly is qualified by 100%.

Haijia Equipment Automatic Painting Line
In the painting workshop, the company applies advanced process of degreasing, rust free, and phosphating treatment process.Within zo minutes, the component is transported into the paintingline. In the painting line, with epoxy vesin coating. abopt international advanced electrostatic spray paint equiyhent.lise of static adsorption principle, Eliminate leakage spray phenomenon, comprehensive,seamless, coverage work surface. all primar, face adhesion .paint all drging wocesses, improve the sarface of paiat Every batch of component is tested with 50h salt spray under 72 hours.

Haijia Equipment CNC Workshops
The imported CNC machining centers to produce the important parts of the loom to ensure that loom on both sides of coaxial rota ry gear, reduce the vibration and noise, improve stability and higher efficiency and reduces labor costs.

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Automatic Painting Line

Haassembly Workshops